Colour me

Exploring coded-motion, interactivity and visual expression.

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Technology Human

TheTin is a Brand & Technology agency.

Whatever your goals, we'll use the right Technology to bring your Brand to life through exciting innovation.

We believe that Collaboration leads to better outcomes.

It’s not just about what we do together, but how we do it. So we’ll get to know you and what makes you tick. It’s how we make brilliant Technology human.

Medigold Health


Multi-layered brand architecture

Positive. Accessible. Efficient. Secure. These characteristics define our work with Medigold Health.

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Lots of properties

The entire system was designed and delivered by our development team using state of the art tech.

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Telefónica, 02

The time is now

Youth audiences are a key part of O2's brand portfolio and our work makes sure they're bang on target.

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Taming the beast

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum required an innovative way to reach out to a potential huge market.

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You're unique And so is our team.

A group of talented strategists, designers and developers, each bring different strengths to the table. Together we'll give you the answers you need.


TheTin is not currently recruiting.

  • Brand Director

    Tim Harper

  • Managing Director

    Jamie Simmonds

  • Lead Project Manager

    Celeste Ortega

  • Project Coordinator

    Harriet Garvey

  • Project Coordinator

    Bradleigh Reed

  • General Manager

    Sajida Kosar

  • Assistant to General Manager

    Leigh Carter

  • Senior Project Manager

    Charlie Hunter

  • Brand Strategist

    Adrian French

  • Communications Assistant

    Harriet Scutt

  • Head of Development

    James Burton

  • Technology Strategist

    David Robinson

  • Developer

    Daniel Dixon

  • Developer

    Chris Zoryk

  • Junior Developer

    Krystian Rakowski

  • Junior Developer

    Sasha Richardson

  • Junior Developer

    Grant Russell

  • Senior Designer

    Tom Windsor

  • Junior Designer

    Daisy Harding

  • Junior Designer

    Laura Walters

  • Designer

    Teo Ardoy

  • Finance Director

    Gary Baxter

  • Consultant

    Gavin Martin