Band Explorer VR

A browser based VR experience that allows music fans to explore bands in a Virtual Reality space.

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Building brands
through technology

As your brand and technology partner, we’ll help you discover what’s possible.

We’ll make sure that the way we work is the right fit for your business, and we’ll ask the right questions to make sure you’re set up for success.

Together, we’ll create a unique advantage for your brand.


Global brand and online solutions

Mobile-friendly, cloud-based business tools that make the digital brand work more effectively for the business.

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Medigold Health


Multi-layered brand architecture

Positive. Accessible. Efficient. Secure. These characteristics define our work with Medigold Health.

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Lots of properties

The entire system was designed and delivered by our development team using state of the art tech.

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Telefónica, 02

The time is now

Youth audiences are a key part of O2's brand portfolio and our work makes sure they're bang on target.

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You're unique And so is our team.

A group of super organised project managers, talented strategists, designers and developers, each bringing different strengths to the table. Together we'll give you the answers you need.


  • Brand Director

    Tim Harper

  • Managing Director

    Jamie Simmonds

  • Head of Operations

    Celeste Ortega

  • Senior Project Manager

    Charlie Hunter

  • Senior Strategist

    Adrian French

  • Senior Strategist

    David Robinson

  • Senior Developer

    Daniel Dixon

  • Developer

    Chris Zoryk

  • Developer

    Grant Russell

  • Senior Designer

    Tom Windsor

  • Business Development Manager

    Juliette Hettema

  • Junior Developer

    Lee Maguire

  • Designer

    Laura Walters

  • Finance Consultant

    Gary Baxter

  • Consultant

    Gavin Martin

  • Junior Designer

    Caroline Etherington

  • Junior Developer

    Adrian Chirica

  • Head of Project Management

    Ben Hardcastle

  • Operations Manager

    Michael Reed

  • Head of Development

    Erik Ekengren

  • Senior Strategist

    Katie Dean

  • Junior Developer

    Rhian van Esch

  • Senior Project Manager

    Sandeep Sandhu